Need help with Verbatim VBT321240A drive

I recently purchased a cheap 32x Verbatim. The owner before me told me that it doesn’t read Cd’s, but it burns them fine because of a bad firmware flash. It does burn fine, and it can show ya what’s on the cd but it can’t read the information. Does anyone know how to fix this problem, or has anyone heard of it before?

Thx in advance


If this is really due to a bad flash, then simply reflash it.

I tried flashing it to Lite-On 32x twice, but it doesn’t want to show up as a Lite-On. It sticks with the Verbatim identity?

You followed the mtkflash guide correctly and used the right binary file?

I fixed it. It doesn’t like the Lite-On flash for some reason. I used OC’s Verbatim and it works fine. I really like this place. and hey OC, your posts are great. Thanks!

How much of upgrade is firmware is possible with the 32x Lite-On ???

I see someone has flashed to 40x, but is it capable of 48x using OC’s methods ???