***Need help with Verbatim DVD-R's?***

[B]Hello, I’m just having a problem with my Verbatim dvd-r discs.These discs are not recognizable by my laptop, every time I insert it into my laptop, it does not recognize it, I don’t know whats wrong :frowning: … (I also just finished installing the k-lite codec package, do you think that will make a difference?)

And I also used Nero 9 yesterday to burn a movie onto the dvd-r disc, but yet when I put it into my dvd player and my ps2 it says disc cannot be read… I don’t know why this is happening :confused: .

Any solutions or ideas why?Please help me. Thank you.

(Oh and before I used Nero Burner 9 I was using Convertxtodvd, but convertxtodvd did not recognize the verbatim dvd-r’s so I swithced to Nero Burner 9 because the Vernatim support team told me that Nero Burner 9 works best with these Verbatim DVD-r’s…It does work the best but the problem is that my laptop does not read the dvd-r’s for some reason)

~I also tried using a different brand of dvd-r’s called Dynex, but my laptop didn’t seem to recognize this brand either. I don’t know what else to do. If you need any additional information just let me know.Thank you.

I"m a little confused. Does the dvd movie you burned onto the Verbatim disk work in the laptop or not? You say it doesn’t work in the ps2, but it would help to know for certain if it can be played elsewhere.

To play the dvd in the laptop, you can use Nero Showtime, or download a free player called VLC. www.videolan.org

Are you converting a video to dvd-video format using Nero? It sounds like it since you were previously using ConvertXtoDVD.

It would help to know the exact model burner that you are using. If you have the full Nero Burning Suite 9, you should have a program within it called Nero InfoTool. It can tell us the name of the burner and the firmware you are using.

[B][SIZE=4]No, the dvd-r disc (that I burned the movie into ) does not work on my laptop, the disc is not recognized… I have tried playing the disc in the ps2 and dvd player and an error occurs saying “The disc could not be read”…

Like the dvd-r could not be read by my laptop, I doubt anything got burned onto it, thats what im guessing, but I will try playing it with nero showtime and see if it works…

After I download the video I use ‘any video converter’ to convert the video file to an .mpeg
and then I inert the video into nero vision.
In nero vision, there is this button that is called “Disc Information”, to see the disc info that is in your E drive, but after I insert the disc and I click on that button, it says 'No disc in drive E
so the disc could not be read by my laptop.

My model burner is:

[U]“TSST corp CDW/DVD TS-L462C”

[/U]I hope thats what you were looking for, and I hope I made things a lot clearer for you…
Please help me.Thank you.


will the disc play in a stand alone dvd player?

It looks like your burner is what we call a combo drive. It can read and write to cds, but it can only read dvds. It cannot burn dvds.

If you want to burn dvds with this laptop, you will either have to replace the drive with a dvd burner, or get an external drive that hooks up to it through a usb cable. The external drive is much easier to do.

[B]No the disc does not play on a stand alone dvd player :([/B]

[B]A combo burner? Great [/B][B]:doh:[/B]
[B]How much does an external driver cost?Is it expensive? [/B]:confused: [B] Where can i purchase one?[/B]
[B]If that’s my only easiest solution…[/B]

Here is a full sized one at Newegg.com: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827140024

The slim drives are getting to be more common these days. Here is a list of them at Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010100420+1036508673&QksAutoSuggestion=&ShowDeactivatedMark=False&Configurator=&Subcategory=420&description=&Ntk=&CFG=&SpeTabStoreType=&srchInDesc=

On the slim drives, I would stick to the major brands, like LG, Lite-on, Samsung, Asus or Pioneer.

[B]Whats the difference between the slim and full sized drivers?
Will they all be compatible with my laptop?

They all hook up with a usb cable, and all will be compatible with your laptop running Windows.

The main differences between the full size and slim drives are the external size :p, and the speed at which they burn. The slim drives will be slower, and have a max burning speed of 8x normally. Also, the slim drives sometimes will run on only one usb cable for power instead of having an external power supply. Read the specifications and user reviews there at Newegg carefully.

For example, the user review of this Samsung slim drive notes that it runs on only one usb cable: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827151198

Edit: Though it might be best to plug in both usb connectors to your laptop if they provide two on the cable. Amount of power draw on the slim optical drives is not something I know a great deal about.

[B]What do you mean by “the slim drives sometimes will run on only one usb cable for power instead of having an external power supply” ? Which one would you recommend the full or slim one’s?[/B]

The full sized drives will use an external power supply…a wall wart that provides current to the drive. The slim ones run off the usb cable, but the amount of power through usb is limited, so they often times tell you to plug the drive into two usb ports on the laptop. Either type of drive works.

The full sized drives are disappearing, as the slim drives have gotten more popular. Personally, I’ve never liked the slim drives that are available [B]within[/B] laptops. They tend to be poor writers and break down a lot. I have not tried an external slim drive, but they will share the same general design.

So, it depends on your needs. If you want to lug the external drive around with you, with the laptop, get a slim drive. If you are only going to use the drive to burn from one location and have a wall outlet for it at all times, the external drive will definitely burn faster and may produce better quality burns (though that is speculation, not knowing which one you will wind up with).

[B]Thank you for everything, you
guys are awesome :bow:
I will get the full driver, because I’m only going to be using it at home[/B] :slight_smile:
[B]Once again Thank You…[/B]

[QUOTE=yellow111;2501375][B]Whats the difference between the slim and full sized drivers?
Will they all be compatible with my laptop?

Drivers is not “drive”.

You are talking about hardware which is a drive, drivers are purely SOFTWARE.