Need help with vbs

This may be out of the blue but I am trying to make a simple “vbs” script that sends the keystroke fn+pgup
fn is function key
and pgup is pageup key

Ive looked around everywhere and saw a tutorial for sending keys alone but not at the same time, and I also couldent find a command for the fn key only the other keys like backspace enter etc?

can you please help me get this up right?:slight_smile:

noone ever replies to my threads anymore… its not like I wrote this on the wall of a cave. I need some help

Don’t think you can…

FN keys are usually intercepted by the BIOS and not passed to the O/S. This is so things like screen brightness etc can be controlled without any O/S on the machine.

The only exception to this are some of the standard key functions (e.g. home, end etc). If this is the case then you need to work out what the return code is for the key combination (I dont think you can replicate the Fn key itsef) and use that code.

lol thank you so much I new it might be like that>>>>>>

may be some other key combo that might enable i tlol