Need help with unreadable dvd

Hi all… i’m a newbie here…

Wanna ask and need help on this silly question… :confused:

I know that some of movie dvd might cant be read on dvd-rom but can be read on dvd-player. There are also some movie dvd that cant be read on one drive, but can be read on other…

I usually watch movie on my computer, but when both of my computer (laptop and pc) give up on reading the movie dvd, i use my dvd player.

The problem is, now, the number of unreadable movie dvd are increasing and makes me really-really curious… are there a way to read the unreadable movie dvd (on computer of course)?

when i say unreadable, it’s means like there are no dvd loaded on the drive, not a bad sector or something…

Mmm… sorry for my messy english guys… Thanks in advance and, this forum is great…


What media player do you use? WMP,VLC,WMC,PowerDVD?..
cuz unless your dvd-rom is going kaput, or bad disk possibly it should read it…

mm… it’s the drive that wont read the disc… not the dvd player apps…
i’m using windvd…

explorer also not recognize the disc inside the drive (like no media inserted)…

can isobuster or badcopy solve this kind of thing? or, have you guys ever having a movie dvd that cant be read by your drive (it’s like no disc inserted, no autoplay, even explorer asking to insert a disc…)

Have you tried ISO Buster like reback saud :confused:

Also try ISOpuzzle, this program has been the best for me when it comes to damaged discs. It allows you to rip the data using multiple drives, and even continue extracting data on other computers if necessary. If this is an original, pressed, copyright-protected disc, then you can run something like DVD43 or AnyDVD in the background to bypass the copyright protection while ripping the data.

I still use that one made by 321 studios. DVD recover or something like that. You just have to have a program like AnyDVD or DVDGenie to fight the protection.

romi11 quote" mm " is that M&M or mm? just trying to help ok!

lol… ‘mm’ is just an expression nothingness… :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you for all the feedback… i really appreciate it… i’ll try it asap (kinda occupied now) and report the results here… thanks again all…

btw… it’s ‘mm’ not ‘m&m’… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck, hope the solution you have been provided by members will resolve your problem.

AnyDVD : No Disc Present
Isobuster : No Media Present


mm, maybe the drive is going “kaput” mm I mean going out… :slight_smile:

Try with CDRoller.