Need help with The Movies and GameDrive 10

Hey. I’m relatively new to this stuff; copying the CD data onto my computer so I don’t have to put the CD into my computer to play the game.

The program I have been using is GameDrive 10. It has worked for a couple games that I have put in, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, The Sims 2, and Age of Mythology. However, I’m having problems with a different game; The Movies. I’ve tried it two times, each with a different type of protection. So far I’ve tried SafeDisk/LaserLock/SecuROM and SecuROM*New/CD-Cops. The only ones I haven’t tried are Intelligent Extraction and StarForce3.

Also, both times that I tried to copy the data, after about 15 minutes an error comes up, and then it goes to a different screen and copies the data over again. However it takes about 2 hours to do this.

So I was wondering, can The Movies be played without a disc? If so, should I try the other options and wait the 2 hours for it to finish? Or should I get another program that will do the same thing?


Alcohol 120% with emulation. Also, Google Unsafe Disc.