Need help with TDK media id TTH01 on 811S



so i bought 25 DVD-r TDK with id TTH01
but i have HSOP firmware and i can only wrtie them a 2X so i decided to use omnipatcher to make them 1-2-3-4-8X compatible
but on all the firmware i check (even the latest) there is no TTH01 media code

so i have replaced a media code like “avistar” (like in the help topic) and i have imported my media code but i have some question
what write strategy must i put for this media?
what is the REV. ID?its an important number?

so i am wiating for an answer to write on this disc because i dont want to put them on my basket lol

so thanks in advance


Rev. ID (which is probably a misnomer, but I don’t know what else to call it) is generally not important for -R discs. Only in a few cases (like 2x Princo vs. 4x Princo) does this byte (which occurs in the first hextet of the media code block–before the media code itself) even matter.

Edit: it is a misnomer. I finally got curious enough to look up the specs to see what that byte represented. The upper 4 bits correspond to the part version and the lower 4 bits correspond to the extension code. So the next version of OP will correctly label this as “PV/EC”

Usually, people like to start out with one of the TY strategies. And it seems that this is usually a good place to start. So TYG01 might be a strategy to try out first.