Need help with strange copy-protection


i’m not so skilled in cracking copy-protection - so maybe it’s easy for you. For copying I used Alcohol 120. The copying works perfect but after installing the programm checks the cd and only accept the original one.

In a previous thread in this forum had someone the same problem, he succeede. But the only thing I know is that the protection is SarForce What options do I have to check/deselect in Alcohol to get this programm running after burning? Maybe this link


helps - I don’t understand it completeley. I tried several options in Alcohol with StarForce, but didn’t succeed.

Thank you for your help,

A copy of a starforce 1 protected cd that works without emulation isn’t possible. However, it isn’t difficult to make a copy with alcohol that works with RMPS emulation.

Simply copy the cd with alcohol using starforce 1x/2x datatype settings. Then enable RMPS emulation in alcohol’s emulation options. Your copy should then run OK.

hi philamber,

i copied the cd with starforce settings. then i loaded the image in the virtual cd drive created by alcohol. then i installed the cd.

the problem was the same as before (without installing from the virtual drive). the application searches the cd and ask me after some time to type a new cd-key. but it don’t work.

should i check some other options for copying?

maybe this quote helps (from a fellow, who tried to crack the same disc and succeeded with your help):

I f*cked with it !!

…indeed it was Starforce ( and philamber gave me the important hint by making me check every single file property of each file on the CD…
Of of em had “Protection” in the description & when editin it i found sum text “”.
The rest was a joke: Alcohol 120% with the RMPS, DPM & StarForce options that Hemispasm posted…

This boards really sm0kes !!



How did u find out version of protection ?

all what i have is the information i gave above … please have a look there. it’s from a fellow who had the same problem and succeeded. i’m not able to understand it completely (i’m not so experienced in cracking protected cds). if i would i could solve my problem. maybe you have a hint what he had done?

just have a look here for more infos (it was the same problem):

@philamber: hey, i think the mistake was on me. i tried it again and now it is going right.

thanks a lot!!!