Need help with starting to burn DVDs

hey guys i have absolutely no idea how to burn dvds!
all i know is that i have nero startsmart and superdvd creator 8.0(in which i have never even tried to use but im wondering what programs ill need and what files can you burn to dvd. Also what i need to do in order to burn the dvd so pretty much every step would be great any help would be much appreciated thnx!

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Are you trying to burn original content to a DVD, storing data on a DVD, or are you backing up some of your own film DVDs?

Hey everyone Im new here and have had a dvd burner for well about 4 years now and not 1 dvd burnt :sad:
So any help on what programs i will need, what files are to be burnt and also the steps in doing so.
I have a super-multi LG dvd RW if that helps anything also i have ner smartstart.
so any help at this point would be much appreciated thnx guys and Gals

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If you have a 4 years old DVD burner, I seriously doubt that you will be able to burn currently available media. Probably you have a 2x or a 4x burner, and these are not more supported by developers, so almost certainly there is no firmware able to write correctly on 16x certified discs.