Need help with starting game problem

Hey, I have the right specs and everything so you know.

I installed Vietcong on my Windows 98 computer and it worked fine and loaded and everything, but I just updated to Windows XP SP2 and whenever I try to play the game, the settings box pops up like usual (to config the game before play).

I click OK to the settings, then the screen goes black for literally about a second, then it just goes straight back to the desktop with no warning.

Anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it?

BTW I have the latest drivers, and I tried “Make the game compatible with 98/ME etc”.

I do not have or know the game in question, but you could try to right click on the shortcut to the game and select properties, go to the compatibility tab and select - “Run this program in compatibility mode for” - and select “windows 98 / windows ME”

See if that makes it run and if not try “windows 2000” option etc.

If you have a hyper threading CPU the game might have problems with the CPU.

Hope that solves the problem.