Need help with sony dvd rw dw-d22a

could someone please help me out. Also i dont know what kprobe is, and if it detects any dvds when inserted.

IM sorry but i still need help with this topic, yet no one has ansered back in a day or so. About two posts up from this one you will read my issues. Also my infotool attachment.

@ md343
see the F.A.Q. for LiteOn Optical Drives for Kprobe. If that detects the retail-pressed dvd, then that is a good thing. I think the reason no-one has answered your thread is because no-one knows what is wrong. ala42 made some suggestions and your thread probably got a little lost.

Here is a shot-in-the-dark…what about your region…your sony is region 1(NorthAmerica)…are you in the USA and are the discs you are trying to view region 1 discs(NorthAmerica). Kprobe has a region-free utility if you need one.

You could also try your drive in another computer to see if it is your system conflicting with your drive or if it is your drive that cannot read pressed dvd discs.

EDIT- I see you have started a new thread. I missed it as I was researching a solution for you, but came up with pretty much nothing…sorry

Here you wrote

It reads music cds and dvd-rs but will not read any commercial dvd.

In the other thread you just wrote

The strange part is that it plays certain commercial dvds but others I have no luck with.
You see the little difference ? It would be fine to supply all info you have in one thread.