Need help with Sonic copying



I have 2 HP computers. Both have Sonic Record Now software. One has a Sony DRU-800A & the other has a Toshiba TS-H55B-(HP-08) unit. The problem is I only want to make a copy of a DVD with NO copy guard on it. I made it off the TV with my Sony DVD recorder. I tried to call Sonic, but their CS sucks and I never could get anyone.

Is there someone who can help or direct me? I open Record Now, click on make an exact copy of NON COPYGUARDED DVD, it tells me to put in disc to be read. When I put in the disc & click on read existing disc it spits the DVD back out & tells me to put in a a disc. Then I click OK & it spits it back out again. Both computers do this. I have no idea as to why. I play this disc regularly on my DVD players. Thanks all. :confused:


I would try different media first. Then check your settings again for your Sonic record Now program. HTH:)


Presumably the disk was finalised/closed first on you recorder.
You could try DVD Decrypter to see if that will rip it , get it here