Need Help With Some Equipment Too Get Started Burnging Music



LOOKING where too find out what would i need too burn music with a good deal to find the biggest maga bits to use so i want take up on my hard drive space downloading music, i have a build in cd hp on my computer but i want something faster so i can burn cds for people faster.


If you are not planning to copy SafeDisc 2 protected games and stick to music CDs, Plextor is the best on the market.

The plextor 161032A can burn at 16 speed. I believe they are planning to release the 24 speed drive later this year, but doubt you will actually benefit from this, since it is dependent on your system specifications as well. This model has Burn Proof technology as well, which will prevent Buffer Underruns.

There is a lot of information on this forum here on which burners can handle SafeDisc 2 protected games and other special features. You could use the search function in the top right corner to search for topics related to yours.