Need Help with Slogan



I been brainstorming this for quite a while…

Here is the deal, my gf is going parnters with someone for a Yoga & Pilates studio. All the pamphlets, handouts, flyers, etc… need to be updated and changed, as her partner ran it alone, and now many revisions are needed.

One thing that they need now is a catchy slogan, some kind of Lingo. They need two actually, one for xmas hoplidays, and one on a permannet basis that of which will go on all these flyers, handout, etc…
It can include both Yoga in the phrase, or Yoga or Pilates alone, because different flyers and all will be made, so I freely am open ears to both kinds.

I wanted to know what my fellow CDF’s thought, and if you guys would help me brainstorm, I want to get soemthign really good, and really catchy, so it will stick in people’s heads after they read or see it once.

I would give the URL of their website to get a better idea of what is sough after, and a general atmosphere, but I wouldnt wanna advertise here and possibly break rules myself… or Dee might hit me with a stick :iagree:

I hope to hear some good suggestions, and thanks to anyone who tries to help!!!


I have the following for xmas slogans, I just thought about it some more, but I still would like other feedback:

Merry Yoga!!!
Merry Yoga to all!!!
Have a Happy Pilates Year!!!
Happy Pilates Year!!!
Have a Jolly Pilates Workout!!!


Pilates… Always sounds like you caught an STD.


Yeah, that will really help drive business in.

Since xmas isn’t far, some more serious idea’s would be appreciated. :bigsmile:


Merry Yoga and a Pilates new year ?


Lol @ dima
It’d be hard to find a slogan that doesn’t sound corny.


“The simple touch” or something vauge that doesnt really mean anything :slight_smile:


just tell me the site… then I might think of one :slight_smile:


"YogaPil for Life!" -general slogan. Idea: both Yoga and Pilates contained in the name. “Yogapil” implies an “energizer” for the body (Reformation Studio), “for life” implies the importance of it for the health, good quality of life through excersize.

"YogaYeah!!" - genaral slogan.

“Happy New YogaYear!” - slogan for the New Year.


And you can use some other possibilities, like Decimus Junius Juvenalis’ saying:

“Mens sana in corpore sano” - Latin. (“Healthy soul in a healthy body”).


Pilates! Even Santa Do It.


This one is great, I will def pass it along…

Keep em comming, I think I have enough xmas ones to choose from.

Some regular ones would be nice too… you guys rock!!!


"Yoga StuPilates!" (Containes: Yoga, Studio, Pilates)


Contains yoga, STUPID, and pilates.


-the yoga and pilates soul cleaner.
-be self-consciousness with yoga and pilates.
-start the new year with yogaNpilates.

“squeeze your guts with the yoga nuts” J/K


It is a matter what you want read out of it. You read “stupid”.

No comment.


Yoga, for a better you when the holidays are over.
Merry christmas, and don’t forget your workout.
A tree, presents, yoga and pilates.
Happy holidays and a healthy body. Best wishes from [company name]
Y&P after R&R. Best wishes for 2005.
We wish you a healthy workout and a happy new year.
Perfect Pasttime Pilates Brings Beautiful Body
Ho Ho Ho and a happy workout
[company name] wishes you the best Yoga & Pilates workouts in 2005
Christmas is fun! Yoga even more fun!
Do some Yoga! It’ll help you get rid of the christmas tree
Strentgh, Power, Yoga and X-mas
Why X when you can Y?
Best wishes for 2005. May your body become beautiful.
Have a great Christmas dinner. We welcome you back starting [date] for a good Pilates workout.


lol :bigsmile:




Twist and SHOUT! (Also a good name for a chiropractic clinic, eh?)

Maybe you caould do a bit about, “Discover how Santa can eat all those cookies, and still manage to fit down the chimney the following year,” or some funny drawings of Santa getting stuck in a chimeny BEFORE he discovered the power of pilates.

I liked Mr.Belvedere’s idea about, “For a better you when the holidays are past.” That’s top notch.