Need Help With Sims 2 University backup

Hey People,
I’m relatively new to the site. I’ve searched pretty much the whole site and every post and thread involving backing up your games. I’m trying to backup one game in particular - The Sims 2: University.
I have tried to backup this game a lot of times, and nothing seems to be working. can anybody help me to solve my problem? has anybody successfully made a working backup of this game?

Now here’s where it gets a little annoying:
I had CloneCD a long time ago, and my evaluation period has expired. I’ve been trying to make a backup since i got this game. Please Reply as soon as you can.
Thanks a lot.

Since the game is Safe Disc 4 i suggest on making a mini image; guranteed to work.
i say no more with clonecd…use BlindWrite or Alcohol 52% and also get Daemon Tools.
BlindWrite or Alcohol will be used to rip about a 3-20mb image of the game…and use Daemon Tools to mount the image. here is a link for a guide on making mini images