Need help with several questions?

Hi…new to this site so not sure where exactly to go to get help. Since this said to put all newbies here this is where I started(sorry if wrong).
My question is this: I am trying to buy a dvd burner that will allow me to copy my current dvd’s, kids playstation games, and allow downloaded movies to be burned. I have read some of the reviews on the dvd burns on this site but am confused with all the information that is available. Not exactly computer stupid, but know just enough to get me by. The write speeds have no meaning to me as to what will burn at what speed.
I have looked at other websites about copying playstation games and they were talking about have modchips and other software to put in before using burned copies???
Right now I think I am on information overload and don’t know which way to turn. I was looking at the Pioneer dvr-108 8-in-1 combo drive external unit but not sure what would be the best unit to do the things that I want.
If anyone can make suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
Also…to burn a dvd will I have to have a drive that reads the dvd or will the burner read it and store it then burn it. Currently the drive in my computer does not read dvd’s only cd’s.



Suggest that you buy a NEC ND-3500A at - they are going for around $76 + $4 shipping - this is an internal unit and will probably be more stable for your needs-and this like the Pioneer is a 16x DVD burner AND a 48x CD burner-

Suggest that you use ONLY good media like Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s which you can get from for $35 + shipping for 50 pack (these are the very best on the market)-

It would be best to also have a DVD-rom drive so you don’t have to be swapping discs so often and save wear and tear on your burner - I would look at for one (Sonys are good) and should run around $25 + Shipping-

Happy Burnin’


Thanks Mike…one other question though…to play the playstation games that have been burned do you have to get the modchips and additional software?

read the forum rules, no piracy

what? where is the piracy if you mean “…and allow downloaded movies to be burned…” did he ever say they where illegal downloads of copyrighted movies? also modchips are still legal in most places.

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No idea what downloaded movies he is talking about, I assume they are PD or he owns the DVD and doesn’t know how to backup so he downloads a copy :smiley:

Yes you need a modchip for PSone & PS2 they won’t boot CD-R or DVD-R games, try

As for the burner depends on how much money you want to spend on it? I reccomend Pioneers for -R and Sony’s for +R use, I dunno I am not an expert with DVD RW drives.


I think in a specilaized shop you will be given an appropriate advice what brand to buy. Opinions differ what is cost-effective, i. e. relatively cheap and reliable.

You will be able to backup/copy DVD movies, but you wont be able to use the backuped/copied PS2 games without a modchip.

And please take bigmike7’s advice, use only good media.

Hey notaseasy, I just want to pass on a little information regarding my experiences with DVD-video backups and ps2 backups.

First off, yes, I agree with the other posts about using good media. First and foremost, if you want the ps2 backup dvds to play correctly, it is imperative that you spend a little money. Ritek, Taiyo Yuden coded, RICOHJPNR01 coded, and MMC disks fare the very best. I have a flip-top case and use swap magic disks for my ps2 backups and have had many issues using cheap DVD-r 's (sonic brand). I have since then copied the poor quality dvd media with the much better RICOHJPNR01 and have fixed all the jittery movie and scene glitches in my ps2 games. DVD movies are not as noticable. I haven’t noticed much of a difference when using the RICOHJPNR01 and the sonic crap, but if you want them to last without a hitch, spend some money.

I just bought a matrix infinity chip from and will be installing it as soon as I get my wire in (the chip is SO much smaller than I originally thought, like 5 times smaller!). Anyway, I would recomend a mod-chip because the flip-top is a hassle and the swap-disks don’t play everything. I’m very excited to get my chip soldered in.

For the DVD-burner . . . VERY simple, go get the NEC ND-3500A like bigmike has stated.

Sites to shop at: for your burner and Ritek disks for the best quality dvd’s - Taiyo Yuden! for good deals on the cheap :Z media, paper cases, and bubble mailers.

Ok, gotta go watch the veep debates. . . :smiley:

Ok about backing up Playstaion games you can spend your money on the chip and then buy all those disk or you can save some money for disk and use them to back uo your movies…

What I am trying to explain about the Playstaion2 is the with a little bit of rewireing you can use a hard drive and back them up to it and play the games strait from the hard drive(they actually load a little faster then the original) And then you can put all those games in the closet so they dont get scratched or broke

If you are interested check this out: click here