Need help with Seinfeld Season 5 Disc 1!

I have copied the other 3 discs with no problem using FabDVD to decrypt and CloneDVD to write but for some reason Disc 1 is giving me error messages all the time. It seems for whatever reason there are about 7 or 8 files on Disc 1 that will not copy. I tried using the latest version of anydvd, DVD shrink, dvdDecrypter, Fabdvd, dvd43free and One click. Still no luck. Is it possible that the disc is dirty even though its brand new and went from case to burner??? If so…what is the best way to try to clean it? Any help is appreciated because i am completely stumped?? All the errors messages are different. Some say the parameters are incorrect and others say the disc is dirty or scratched.

There is a good chance that particular Seinfeld disc is bad. Watch the original and you may see spotty digital breakup of the recording. (spotty digital breakup :slight_smile: is my copywrited original term). This has been my experience on a 3 disc set where 2 were good and one wouldn’t copy. mukguk

I also had a problem with Season 5 Disc 1. The Benq 1655 couldn’t read the disc at all. The LED on the drive just went off, as if there were no disc in the drive. Then I tried it in my NEC 3500, and it was readable. But ripping took a LONG time. The first layer rip speed rate was between .8 and 1.4X. When it started on the second layer, it went much faster. The resulting rip does work fine though. Season 6 disk 1 went fine, normal speeds. Don’t know if it’s a manufacturing defect, or some new Sony protection scheme.