Need help with save pictures?

when i download covers from and try to save picture as it come up as untitle and bitmap, previously when i save the pictures it come up as the title of the cover and save as jpeg, i want to save as the title of the covers and jpeg, can anyone please help convert from bitmap to jpeg, oh by the way i am using microsoft internet explorer browser. but when i use netscape browser it come out fine very strange when come to save picture, i prefer to use internet explorer rather than netscape. thank you

So use netscape browser, why convert files if you don’t have to? :iagree:

I use IE6 and when the cover comes up from cdcovers that I want I right click and do a save as and get it as a jpeg…no problems.

Or if you’ve still got BMP files on your machine, they’ll open with Paint by default, then ‘Save As’ then ‘Save as Type’ = jpeg - Name of Title.

thanks you guys, i tried to figure it out may be some thing wrong with my computer as well, worst come to worst i may have to reformat my hard drive, hopefully it turn out the way it use to be, thanks for your efforts appreciate it very much !!

Do a search on cd there is a fix for the download so that they will be .jpg instead of .bmp. Had this trouble a while back when I was still labling DVDs. ( Reburning all of those as my winter project)

Also, I seem to remember filling up IE’s cache could have this effect. Try emptying it.
Oh, and switch to either Firefox or Opera when you can.

thanks guys, i did it, all i have to do is delete the temp files, now everything back to the way it was, i’m very happy again!!!

No problem.
But you should still switch to Firefox or Opera.