Need help with SATA and SPDIF Please

So…I just bought my husband a new HP PC for Xmas. Had an old Northstar with XP. was very happy but needed to update for speed and space. Got a HP duo core nice. Happy with it. Got all programs to work, even Acid pro 4.0 which is technically not compatable, but working and recording. Installed the Creative Audigy 2 platinum live drive and sound card. So everything is working with vista and all is good. realized that he cannot burn from ACID but can burn from windows. Figured it was the SATA thing. The Audigy sound card has a SPDIF cord (can use both digital/analog) that connects to the sound card but not where on the back of the burner. Only the power cord and SATA port. So i try HP tech support. They say call creative…So i get online and try to find a burner that will support both. Can’t find one! What am I missing? i will switch back to IDE if i have to but i don’t know if my motherboard will even support it? What do I need to do to make this work? i will get a new Burner if I have to i just don’t know what I need! Can anyone help?:sad:

Your burner feeds the digital audio though the SATA connection; this is like the IDE drives too (ie the digital signals went through the IDE cable), except that IDE drives sometimes had an extra analogue connection for the sound card.

BTW SPDIF is digital only connector.

It’s not clear whether you are trying to get a digital output on the rear SPDIF connection, or simply burn with ACID. Could you be more specific about the problem, and what type of discs (DVD or CD) you are trying to burn…?

I am using Music CD’s, as I always do and trying to burn an Acid project onto a cd. I can burn through windows media, but when I try to burn through acid there is showing no drive available. ( using the burn track at once)In the drive: drop down box where a drive would be listed but it just says NONE. Is this a configuration problem that I have to adjust? New to Vista too. Just got it so I am lost. sound card is fine, live drive is fine, Burining through windows Media is fine, just cant burn from acid.

I’m not familiar with it, but it sounds like the Acid software really isn’t compatible with Vista. Have you checked for an update from their support pages? Most burning applications that worked in XP needed an update to work with Vista. Even if all the other functions work, it doesn’t mean the burning will too.

Or maybe you can set the output of Acid to write to an ISO file on your hard drive, which in turn can be burned to DVD with a compatible burning software like Nero or ImgBurn.

As explained by imkidd57, you don’t need any audio cable (digital or analog) connected to your SATA burner. Sound goes through the main data cable.

Good luck!