Need help with samsung sn-324s



guys. i got a problem with my samsung cdrw/dvd sn-324S that comes with a dell precision m60. after having a fresh installation of windows xp on my laptop, my rom can’t recognise ny dvds. but its behaving properly with all the cds. I have got the latest driver for that rom from dells website, and using U306 bin file, yet it is of no use. can any one help me out with this prolem. i hve also found one more problem like mine in this forum, however could not find any reply to that. need help.


What kind of DVDs?

If you mean VideoDVDs, then you must install a dvd player software and mpeg2 codec mostly.


all kinds of dvds i mean. data dvds and movie dvds. in fact the drive cant detect any sort of dvds, not even blank ones.