Need help with safedisk 2.9 (jedi academy)

I am trying to copy jedi academy but once it has installed and i try and run the game i get the windows xp error message saying it has to shut down.

The method i followed to make the copy: -

[li]Installed the game from the original
[/li][li]Ran alcohol, emulation->extra emulation->bad sectors (on)…minimized alcohol
[/li][li]ran the game
[/li][li]made an image of the game using safedisk 2 profile on alcohol 120%
[/li][li]burnt the game using the safedisk 2 profile

oh yeah, when i made the image i made it into a ccd if that makes any difference. If i should have made it into one of the others (mds, cue, iso etc…) let me know.

So what has gone wrong??

Also could anyone who has copied jedi academy please tell me there method cos i am a newbie and probably done something basic wrong .

All help is appreciated :bow:

i think you should burn at 4x speed.

already tried burning it at 4x, thats the lowest it will allow me to burn as well

Are you certain it is safedisc protected? It seems that there is a version that uses securom 4.8.

yeah ichecked it under clonyxxl and it is safedisk. The securom is north america i think but i got the european (uk) so its safedisk 2.9

What writer are you using?


lite-on ltr-24102m

Ah ha! Your problem is that lite on 24102 and lower cannot burn safedisc 2.9. Newer models can, however.


Is there no form of emulation that can get round it then?

Maybe you can run it from the virtual drive in Alcohol or Daemon Tools?

You can try enabling bad sectors emulation.

hello Andareed

Finalbob in his first post here, has already written that he has enabled bad sectors emulation in alcohol .

Originally posted by Andareed
Ah ha! Your problem is that lite on 24102 and lower cannot burn safedisc 2.9. Newer models can, however.

Not all newer Litey’s can do it. I have a 52246S and nomatter what I do the copy only works in some of my drives. Do you know exactly which Liteon burners can burn SD 2.9 correctly?

Maybe it depends on read capabilities, but I have a SD2.90 version and Alcohol made an image which works fine when mounted on one of the emulated drives.

I do have an Alcohol 100% rating on my burner though which is what I used to make the image.

It’s an LG 8520B.

Lately I’ve had problems with securom 4.84 images, which seem to only ever work if I set the mdf read speed to 1X.