Need help with purchasing External HDD

Hi guys

I want to get a external HDD. I have made up my mind to get one of below.

  1. Western Digital 320Gb My Book Essential 8Mb Cache

  2. Seagate 320GB 8Mb Cache

3.Anything which has a similar price and is better than both above.

I am very concerned with reliability since there are many reviews claiming these external hard drive breaks down easily. I also prefer the HDD to be quiet as well. Which one will you recommend and why?

Many many thanks

read this thread it will help you alot ,

Both are top choices but the seagate has the better warranty, not that you should need it. Internal and external use the same type of hdd, so you can’t say that one is less reliable than the other. You can argue that because of the less direct means of connection with USB it could be more prone to connectivity issues. An enclosure with a fan is an option that I would look at, and you may want to look at an enclosure that has its own power supply opposed to relying on the USB.

wrong , all 1 peice externals have only 1yr warranty , and why wouldnt he need longer warranty? , anyway as alredy said in the othe thread^ its best to buy the hd+external enclosure in seperate

I’d go with the Western Digital. Spend the extra ~$15 for the Premium edition. It has an eSATA port, which allows for faster transfer speeds. I’ve got a 500GB MyBook Premium connected via USB, and it has trouble writing faster ~20MB/sec. This is a problem when I’m ripping DVD’s with my LiteOn; the read buffer fills up toward the end. Luckily, I have the option to get an eSATA PCI card. :slight_smile:

I would also recommend the drive and enclosure separately. Not only do you get a 4 year additional warranty, but you get to pick your enclosure. I have had very good luck with Seagate and Metal Gear Box. This one has SATA connections.