Need help with PSX Soul Reaver

I’m trying to backup my Soul Reaver with CloneCD I’ve successfully managed other PSX games like Final Fantasy Chronicles using CloneCD and PSX templates from this site.

The problem with Soul Reaver is every copy I’ve made cuts out during opening video, skipping straight into the game. Where it cuts out is variable, and I even went out and rented another SR disk just in case it was because my own was damaged but the results were exactly the same.

I’m thinking there just may be something to this particular game that I’m missing out on, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you tried different/better quality media and/or burning the game slower?

i have the same problem with the original games cd (soul reaver for pc) in my cd rom. happens with or with out the game patch or windows xp. i can only assume this is a side effect from playing on a operating system other then windows 98 or me.