Need help with Plextools and L.A.M.E

Hello guys, I downloaded the LAME files, now how do i make it work with plextools. i’m using version 1.16A.


Straight from the PlexTools help file:

MP3 (L.A.M.E):
select this option if you want to extract to MP3 format using the Lame encoder.This is a free MP3 encoder and can be downloaded from: You need to do is copy the lame_enc.dll to your Windows or PlexTools directory.


Tks G@m3Freak, but i should have break it down a little more.

After downloading the LAME files and extracting it i can’t seem to find the "lame_enc.dll " file that i have to put in the plextools directory.

What i really wanted is for someone to hold my hands and walk me through this.


Unless i download the wrong files!

I guess you have downloaded lamewin32.exe (629kb).

After you have installed it, you can find the lame_enc.dll at c:/program files/lame (desault installation directory). :wink:

Gamefreak, just wondering, what’s so great about plextools?

EAC does everything plextools does

Too bad PlexTools doesn’t offer LAME command line encoder options. Now I basically rip with PlexTools and encode with RazorLame. Quality wise it might be a step up from EAC, but a bit more cumbersome.

MTR, I’m about to ask you a ID 10 T question :slight_smile:

When u said that u rip with plextools and encode with razorlame, do u mean that u use plextools to rip to wave files first then use razorlame to convet them to MP3’s?

Don’t laugh at me guys :smiley:

That’s basically it. As far as I know, all ripping programs rip to wav’s first, before you can encode to mp3. EAC does it the same way, as does Plextools. You can enable the option to encode to a different format in either program, but the encoding only happens after ripping. I only use RazorLame because I like to use the --alt preset settings when encoding. Gives the best quality/size options.

@ max_clif

EAC is not better than Plextools anymore…that is if you own one of the newer Plexwriters. I’ve been using EAC/LAME for years with great succes, but since PLextor rewrote most of the engine with 1.15, I switched. I don’t know all the ins and outs but by using a different strategy, Plextools rips to a higher quality. The only thing missing is a LAME command line option.

EAC vs Plextools

The latest Plextools wins hands down :wink:

Originally posted by max_clif
[B]Gamefreak, just wondering, what’s so great about plextools?

EAC does everything plextools does [/B]
Most advantages have already been mentioned here but PlexTools is also very handy to access the advanced settings of your Plextor drives with. Read my latest review of the PX-W4824TU drive for instance. CDS200 ripping was a breeze with ‘Single Session’ enabled…

Ok thanks for the suggestions. I’ll take a look at plexitools again

I dont have too many audio cds that are badly scratched though :stuck_out_tongue: