Need help with picking firmware, etc



Hi all. I have a Norwood Micro rebadged DW1640. I’ve done a bunch of research, but some of the info is conflicting and in so many places. I looked at one of the guides, but it kept referencing the 1620.

I plan on using mostly +R media and would like to learn how to bitset for the most compatibility.

I’m using CloneDVD/AnyDVD. I’ve had pretty good luck just popping discs in and burning without optimizing my workflow. However, I’m a bit of a particular person and would like to know that my backups will last and be of a good quality. Also, I’ve recently had a few skip and I want to avoid that.

I downloaded DVDinfoPro, but I don’t really know how to use it yet. I did a scan and it said PI Peak was 328 and average was 31. For PIF it says Zero. Quality is 81 percent. This was on the one I had that skipped, so I was trying to find out why.

Also, is there free software that does what Info Pro does? I only have the trial.

I need advice on a good, but simple workflow. For people who aren’t tech oriented, but are quality oriented it can be frustrating. I need something relatively straightforward.

I need to:

Optimize firmware
Scan for burn quality and media quality



And what site to get reviews after I learn the Hub Code.


Ok, I found out that people prefer BSLB.

I found the firmware at, however, it says to read the installation notes before flashing, but all I get from their download is an executable.

Also, should I download the one under Benq 1640 or the ones in the forum posted from the DangerousBrothers, the RPC1 version.

I was also, recommended to get Qsuite, but I can’t find it on Benq’s site. They only have downloads there for one product, which is odd.

And I saw reference to the fact that the drive does the bitsetting automatically, but I also see references that say it’s something users need to do.


Pretty please?

I’ve looked at the guides and the links to Benq firmware are dead. They don’t seem to have the BSLB available anymore.

I also saw reference to flashing to B7L9 and then to BSLB. However, I found it odd that no other reference to the typical 1640 firmware was mentioned in that guide. It refers to f/w with other B7 designations. Was this for a different drive?

It’s hard when you are willing to do the research, but the info given is convoluted. Amongst all the info I’ve read, I haven’t seen a guide that says “this is how you flash a drive”. I’ve seen the guide for crossflashing, but not for what I need.




B7L9 is for a 1620 model

Here is QSuite >


Thanks, I eventually did find that page from a link in someone’s sig, the links in the guide’s are dead.

It’s weird that only the Netherlands site has any f/w.

Also, if you look at those word docs they say they are media lists for BSLB, but then underneath in the f/w list there is no BSLB.


Hi :slight_smile:
Not sure what your asking for here.
Loads of sites have the f/w & utilities available.
Like this one for the UK.
For info on 1640 : -
The best/most common f/w would be BSLB.


Hey Zebadee,

Like I was saying, there’s no BSLB in those links. Also, most links in any guide I found were dead. The us site doesn’t have any that I could find. Later on, through google, I found that some other countries have them on their sites. Also, I found the firmware on the RPC1 site, but I had no idea it wasn’t working correctly for me because I didn’t at first know what I was doing was considered a crossflash. They say to check the install file for instructions, but there are none.

I guess what I’m saying is that a lot of posts just tell people to search or read, etc… I’m just letting people know that even when a noob is willing to put the time in and not be spoon-fed the info they were pointed to is often incomplete, poorly explained or has dead links, etc…

I have built my own PC and such, so it’s not like I can’t figure out tech related stuff. I just need the proper info.

On a more positive note, some of the kind folks in chat sent me the BSLB file and answered some questions as well. The downside is that chat isn’t for tech talk and I wouldn’t want to wear out my welcome there.

Another positive is that your guide helped me get my f/w done! Thanks very much for the effort you put into it. It’s definitely not for a true noob or for someone without some PC knowledge, but nonetheless it was invaluable and you are to be commended!

Now that I understand a bit more about some of this I will make another post or several with my questions and I’ll try to be more concise. Maybe I will try in the newbie forum as the Benq forum seems pretty quiet and I didn’t get much of a response here.

Also, posts with several questions usually only get bits and pieces covered so maybe more posts with less questions will work more effectively.

Thanks for the help!


Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry about the BSLB lack of.
No idea why that is.
I myself used BSRB when I last had a 1640.
I suggest that you continue to post in the BenQ section.
Only because some-one will move it here/there anyway. :bigsmile:


Think you still can find all DW1640 firmwares here;

For sure, BSLB download link works. :wink:


[QUOTE=pinto2;2006884]Think you still can find all DW1640 firmwares here;

For sure, BSLB download link works. ;)[/QUOTE]

Thanks, but if you read what I posted, you’ll see that I found out they wouldn’t work for me because I needed to do a crossflash.

rpc mentions to read the install file, but there is none for those firmware downloads.


Get BQFlasher and flash your drive with the BSLB firmware you downloaded (BQFlasher accepts .exe firmwares). Just make sure it’s a real rebadged 1640 before you do it.