Need help with panasonic DVD recorder

hi guys,

i have bought a panasonic recorder (DMRES20D) because i want to transfer my vhs to dvd’s.
I burnt a vhs to a dvd-r using the panasonic. It plays fine on the dvd recorder but when i try to play it on another dvd player or a PC it does’nt work. When i try to play it on a PC theres nothing on the disc (ie when you click on My computer, then click on E drive or D drive).
Please can you help.

I connected the DVD recorder to the Video using a scart lead.

come on guys

Is the dvd finalised.
Is the drive on your computer a dvd drive?
If it is what sofware player is installed?

I agree with weedougie, go to the disk menu and finalize the disk or it will not play in any other player even your pc.

yep it did finalize.
When i try to play it on my computer it shows that the dvd is empty.
ie when i insert the dvd in the dvd drive and doudle click on My computer then double click E drive, there is nothing in there.
It’a strange because it works on the panasonic dvd recorder (the one that i used to record).
Maybe it only works on the Panasonic and no where else

oh yeah .The dvd software on my computer is PowerDvd and WinDvd 6

I still say that the disc is not properly finalized! did you go to the panasonic dvd disc management menu and select finalize disc, if you did not then all that has hapened is that it has finalized writing to the disc which is different, and if that is the case it would give you the symptoms that you say. Have another go and try it, if the disc is already finalized it will say so.

I have a Panasonic DMR-E50 here is how i do it yours should be similar. you must have the disc completely stopped. (this only works on dvd-r do not use dvd-ram) while stopped press the functions button. this will bring up a few menus. select the disc setting menu. this will give you 2 options. the disc 2. finalize the disc. hit enter on finalize. it will tell you that it will only be available for playback hit ok. thats it finalizing takes approx 4 min when done it will play everywhere. this should work however yours might be slightly different read the maual carefully these directions were in my manual under the "disc setting " section …hope this helps

ok cheers i’ll try that.
When i finished burning and pressed stop it automatically started finalizing.
but i have’nt actually gone to the disc management menu and pressed finalize. I’ll try that and hopefully it should work.