Need help with PacketCD



Hey Whazzup guys?

I can’t seem to get Cequadrat PacketCD working right and do the things it’s supposed to be able to do…
(i get lost/0byte files, can’t add more files to a subdir. renders my RW disc closed, etc.)

Whazzup wit’this anyone an Idea??
Anyone similar problems and the (solutions)
I have a Sony CRX-140(ide)
and use win 98.
WinOnCD3.7 works prop.

Tried a lot…
Anyone an idea?
Feel free to post, all help wellcome.

La Luna.


Winoncd and packed cd are fine working progs,but not on all systems. Try direct cd from adaptec. The 3.0 version works fine on a sony writer and has the same features as packed cd.