Need Help with Pacific Digital X-treme16 External Drive



I have determined (through forum research and confirmed by harware signature in WinXP) that this external drive is actually a Toshiba SD-R5372 housed in an external enclosure and badged by Pac Dig. I know that there is a firmware update for the Toshiba drive (TU55) but I beleive that the enclosure also has firmware and the Pac Dig site shows a date on the firmware that predates my purchase by 6 months.

2 Questions;

  1. Is it likely the external enclosure has firmware
  2. Can the firmware for the actual drive (i.e. the SD-R5372) be updated in an external set-up like this (i.e. going through the external enclosure EIDE/USB interface)

I am having serious compatibility issues with DVD-R’s being burned with this drive. Some are media related but some I believe some are inherent with the drive based on the review I have read here. Some threads suggest the TU55 update improves not only speed but compatibility through modified write strategies.