Need Help with OFFICE 2k3



Sorry guys, i know this isnt the forum, and you probably have another section for non burning related questions like this, but i’m just wanting some info from ANYONE who has Office 2003.

Just wondering if your copies of Office 2003 have the Template Browser which Office XP had.

By this i mean the thing where you click START, NEW DOCUMENT, and it pops up with the window that allows you to select the template you wish to start.

Wanting to know if A) office 2k3 doesnt have it, B) it has to be enabled or C) It may have just been my borrowed copy that doesnt have it for some reason.

Thanks alot, and once again, sorry.

:a -Sirducky- :a


It doesn’t appear in my legit copy (FREE from from MS - Thank you Mr. Gates).


My Windows 2000 installation with a “Typical” Office 2003 installation does not have a template browser.

Both of my Windows XP installations with a “Full” Office 2003 installations have the template browser.


Hmmm thanks alot, ill try this and let you know how it goes.

Oh btw dewd2, looks like your going to have to refer to him as Sir. Gates from now on, somone just became a knight, go figure!


Thankyou VERY much nemesys,

You literally belted the nail over the head. I uninstalled and re-installed with FULL features and it popped up. Now i will probably un-install the un-used features.

:smiley: thanks a heap, regards