Need help with new DW1655 Burner

I am trying to get some better burns. I will post some scans shortly. I am getting a TON of PO failures (over 3500).

I tried BCGB firmware… BCIE firmware… solidburn on and off… no setting i change seems to change the burn results.

Any ideas on what to set? Using MCC004s from Taiwan.


At what speed are you burning? Usually these discs give better results @12x

Tried a few at 4x… some at 12x… the speed doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Here are some scans.

I noticed people getting average PI errors at 1.00 or lower. How do they get this good?

All my burns seem to show the general trend. PI errors in the beginning are between 10-20 average… then as the scan progresses… it gets better with the final result PI error average usually around 5-6. Any reason for this?

This burn seems one of my discs :bigsmile:

My made in India discs have a similar behaviour. Maybe you got a bad batch too :frowning:

Check also if there is some dust on the disc surface; these spikes can be caused by dust or fingertips.

Also on my liteon burns… it would say “Recorded by Sony…<burner>”

But with this BENQ… the scan doesn’t say what burner recorded the DVD. Any reason for this?

The “burned with…” is shown only if the burn is done with cd-dvd speed; if you burn with a different software, this information is not recorded on the disc.

The liteon burns that shows “burned with Sony…” it’s an already know issue, but it’s normal, nothing to worry about. This happen only with -R media, if I’m not wrong.

If you want to store this info on your discs, set options as in the pic

I bought eight cakeboxes of 25pack media from BestBuy. I am still on my first pack. Maybe I should open a second and see if they are any better?

Try to check also other boxes. Have care also to store your blank media out of sunlight

The media sits in my office with no windows.

I am trying another burn now. Just so I have this right… I am doing the following.

Using IMGBURN to “build” an ISO image to be copied.

Then using IMGBURN to write the ISO to DVD. I am going to write it at 12x. Are the any specific settings I should use? Should I put safeburn off? What about the other options in imgburn?

Try this method:

[li] create the ISO image (with any software you like)
[/li][li] Run Qsuite and set following options:
[/li][ul][li]WOPC = on
[/li][li]Solidburn = on for know media and on for unknow media
[/li][li]Overspeed = off
[li]Run cd-dvd speed
[/li][li]Select “create disc” tab, check the “burn image” option and select 12x speed
[/li][li]Insert a blank media
[/li][li]Press the start button

When burn ends, post the burn picture. In this way we can see graphically what happen during the burn.

Ok here is the initial picture. Did what you told me to do.

This is very strange. How come the image file and the image says this is 4.38GB… but the burn ends just after 4.00GB? Something isn’t right. Whats up with the spikes as well?

This burn seems fine. All these spikes are the WOPC working, and are normal, don’t worry :slight_smile:

The image file you burned is 4177 MB, you can see in bottom part of the picture “Writing image VIDEOS4.iso (4177 MB)”

From this pic it’s clear also that buffer goes crazy in the first part of the burn, but this shouln’t be a problem. Also CPU usage during the burn is good.

Now try to do a scan of this disc.

Here it is.

12.9 max jitter in red is there. is that bad?

Jitter is a bit high, but I think that this scan is very good :slight_smile:

And no spikes this time :wink:

Is it a disc from a different box?

Well… then how do people get scans with average PIE of 1.00 or less? Those are incredible scans. I have the same burner… same media. But my average PIE is much higher?

I normally wouldn’t care… but I play these DVDs on a very picky DJ DVD player that will skip at the slightest imperfection on the disc.


You burn is excellent. Don’t worry about PIE so much since the errors are correctable and your PIF shows remaining errors left after PI correction. Thus PIF is more important and your PIF average is low and nice.

Also in your Jitter graph, average 8.76 is very good. The max 12.9 was scanning glitch that happened in the beginning so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Excellent burn in my book.

Ok. I’ll see what happens when I put these new burned DVDs in my player tonight. Hopefully no skipping. I am getting consistent burns that pretty much look like the pictures I posted above.