Need help with nerovision express2

Hello everybody. I’m new to the site and need help with nerovision express2.

I made a slideshow using pictures and it works good. After that, I tried to import music (in MP3 format) in the slideshow but I got that message…unable to insert.:sad:

I tried all the music file I have with same results.

Last time I used NVE2( It was before I formated my hard drive and reinstalled everything) It was working good…Now I’m lost.

I’m using Windows XP Pro, nero 6 ultra, and Nero media player…

They all working good, Nero6 is burning my CD/DVD with no problem and Nero media player is playin all my music with no problem.

Thanks for your help:bow:
(Sorry if my english is not good , I’m french)

The Dog

Well NV2 is rather old and was updated to NV3 later (still Nero 6).

I would try updating to NV3. Seeing as Nero no longer provides the update here it is.

This was not the last update, but it is the best one. Note [B]no_yt[/B] means [B]no[/B] Yahoo Toolbar.

I’ll try it…thank you very much:bow:

The dog