Need help with Nero



Hi not sure if this is the correct place to post this thread, but i desperately need some help with Burning a dvd!! before i go mad. Been trying now for about 2 weeks to get it but nothing.
I’m currently using Nero 7 premium package software to Burn my Movies which i downloaded onto imation DVD-RW 4.7GB discs. My movies are Both Avi. and also Xvid file format.
The process seems to be pretty easy but once i’v done they don’t play on any of the 5 dvd players in my house? Why is this? I’m also experiening difficulties with Nero Burning ROM when i try to load it, the Windows Error report crap comes up and won’t let me use it.
Can someone please help guide my into what i’m doing wrong, Which software do i need? some instructions would be so much appreciated.

Thank you :smiley:


because avi files are not dvd compliant files…u have to convert those avi’s into dvd format then burn to dvd…most likely those avi’s are divx and u can use this to convert those over…then burn…:slight_smile:

u also might be able to use nero’s Nero Vision Express to convert those into dvd


Or even AVI2DVD or Super to convert them. (These are free).