Need help with nero

so i just bought a sony drx-830u and it came with the nero essentials cd. the problem that im having is that when i try to burn my .avi files to a dvd it takes two hours and most of the time is spent “creating menus and transcoding streams” and just before that it gives me a pop up saying i have 30days left to use MPEG 4 decryptor or somethin liike that and i was wondering if theres any other program that i can use that will let me burn my .avi and .wmv files to dvd faster than nero. :confused:

This is a rather common issue. There are two ways to burn an avi file on a disc with nero. The first (the one are you using right now) involve a previous conversion from the avi format to the DVD format (aka a conversion from avi to vob files). This process require some time, variable according on the power of the computer CPU.

This happen when you select to burn an avi as “video DVD”. If you want to burn the avi unchanged (i.e. without a previous conversion in video DVD), you must select “[B]Data DVD[/B]” as new compilation in nero.

Keep in mind that not all standalones are able to play avi movies, so if you plan to watch these avi on a standalone that can’t read avi movies, the better solution is the one you are using right now, i.e. converting avi into vob first and then burn the disc.

Keep in mind also that the mpeg-encoder needed to do this conversion is available only as a trial feature. If you still want to use it after the trial period expiration, you must buy a license from Nero website.

are there any mpeg-encoders that i can download or somethin?

There are some free mpeg encoders. You can find more here, but these don’t works with nero.

If you want to use nero as encoding software, the only way is to buy a license.

is there any that you would specifically recommend? cause i dont wanna download any that are trials and i want the thing to be FREE and not full of adware/spyware.

What do you want to do exactly?

If you have many avi to convert, my suggestion is to buy a standalone able to read avi too: it’s cheaper than buy a license for nero mpeg plugin and it’s also easier because these conversions are time consuming and often a wrong setting can give bad results and you are forced to do again the same conversion :frowning:

I agree the Stand Alond DVD Player would be more reasonable choice to go with.