Need help with Nero

Long ago in the past I had been using Nero 5 on an old computer and absolutely loved it. I recently was able to get Nero 6 at Fry’s with some rebates that knocked it down to $40. I tried to install it and everything seems to go alright. It then tells me to restart my computer, which I do. After my computer runs normal and loads up alright, but then out of no where it will just restart for no reason. It constantly does this while Nero is installed, but once I uninstall it everything works fine. The only way to uninstall/get rid of Nero is by doing a system restore. I also have Roxio on my computer and my specs are 3.0 ghz, 512 ram, 60 gb HD, and I think a 64 mb graphics card (could be a 128 geforce 4 mx, but I"m not a hundred percent on that). So ummm…what’s up with Nero that it is causing me all this trouble. I don’t think it is the computer.

It seems Nero and Roxio won’t coexist on SOME comps. I’d get rid of Roxio (ugh!) and reinstall Nero only. (BTW, using Nero Clean Tool is an alternative to system restore). Hmm, I seem to recall that occasionally a Roxio uninstall leaves behind troublesome rubbish. If so, no doubt someone here can help with that.

Another possibility: You have packet-writing software installed? Getting rid of that might help. Also disable IMAPI CD Burning in Services.

Good luck. :slight_smile: