Need Help with Nero InCD ver

Been using Nero Ultra for about 6 months and everything has been going O.K. untill now. When I am using InCD for an operation on a CD-RW/DVD-RW disc, after the action on the disc I am not able to eject the disc. I get the InCD message “the the disc is being written to and it will eject as soon as it is finished”. It never ejects. Pushing the Eject button on the Plextor 708A dive does NOTHING, but going to My Computer and right clicking the drive, selecting eject option gives me the above message. InCD is keeping the drive locked and the only way I can get it to eject the disc is to reboot my computer. If I select reboot, the disc will write and then eject during the shutdown procedure. I am using XP with SP 2, and have all the updates on my software and firmware on the drive. Everything still works as it should when using standard CD-R/DVD-R. It apperars that InCD is locking the drive when the disc is inserted (little green check appears on the icon) but is not un-locking it with the eject command. If I do not preform a action, either write or delete, on the disc then it will eject. I have used the tool CleanInCD and re-installed the program but I get the same results. I can also get the disk out by running the Nero InfoTool because it unlocks the drive.
Driving me crazy…any help would be appreciated. I got rid of Roxio 7 for being so unstable, thought Nero was better.