Need help with NEC 2500A 1.06

I was hoping someone could help me. I have a NEC 2500A DVD RW 1.06 drive, and i am having a lot of trouble. I used to use such garbage DVD-r that they didn’t even have a name on them, but they worked. I have finally used them all up, and not knowing what they were, i can’t order anymore. So i went and purchased 100 of the Memorex 16x thinking that even though the drive can’t burn at 16x, i would be able to burn as fast as the drive lets me. Memorex lives up to what you guys say, they suck. So after looking at the memorex dvd-r’s, it was stated that an update to the driver maybe needed to be able to burn, well there is no software for the burner. So i went out and purchased 8x DVD-r (can’t remember the brand) and still can’t burn.

I use Sony DVD Architect to convert the avi/mpeg to dvd format, and then DVDFab to burn. (DVD Arch can burn to disk, but takes too long). Any ideas?

Please Help

You should try to update the tool then.

Update your firmware to liggy’s 2.19 and it will be a 2510a this works great for me! I use verbatim 16x mcc 4

The original NEC firmware is available here and should help you with some of the more recent media that’s available.

Personally I’d use Liggy’s 2.19 firmware as already suggested & available from here .

Thanks. . . i appreciate the help all around. . . how do i zip a .bin?

Don’t understand.

You extract the bin file from the zip file & then following the flashing tutorial on the page I gave the link for.