Need help with my SOHC 5232K (pleeease)



Hey guys, I’m new around here and I have a problem with this drive which I bought about 2 weeks ago…It doesn’t read discs anymore. No idea why, just one day I put in Diablo 2 and nothing happened, I tried again, restarted, did everything I could. Nothing. Any advice?


What OS you running? Does your drive show if you open up the " My Computer" icon on your desktop? How about the Device Manager ? It may or may not be the drive, and if you can test the drive in a different system, that would pretty much tell you whether the drive is hosed.


Well, I am running Windows XP, I can’t check the My Computer thing because I removed the drive, and I don’t know what a Device Manager is.


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Nobody here will be able to help you making tests on a disconnected drive. So you should either reconnect the drive to try to get it running or return it to your dealer.


I have a 5232K that I just pulled out cause it just croaked. 6 months old. It was basically used as a rip drive w/ hacked firmware. Replaced it with a SOHO-167T. Seems this one has a lot more hacked firmware read speeds available, too. You can have it rip R’s at 16X, but RW’s at 14X or 12X and 9’s at 8X or 10X, etc using Codeguys hacked firmwares. (wonder if worth sending the 5232K back to LiteOn?) :confused:


Wow. Just 6 months? :eek: Either you used it a LOT, or your drive was defective. My LTC-48161H combo, which I use heavily to rip DVDs (w/ hacked fw) and to burn CDs is still alive and well after almost a year of use…

There seems to be more people using the DVD-ROM drives (seems like not many people get combos nowadays), so there’s more variety with the DVD-ROM firmwares because there’s more demand…