Need help with my Philips sdvd8311 dvd+rw

Hey guys I’m new here,

I have this really strange problem with my dvd burner on my laptop that’s pretty annoying. I’m using Windows XP Home Edition OS SP2, and whenever I bring my laptop out of standby mode the dvd burner starts trying to read or detect something whenever I type on the keyboard.

The burner itself works fine though.

Does anyone know what I could do to fix this problem?


Sounds like either a laptop bios issue, or a firmware (burner) issue. Download from the site of the brand you didn’t tell us about.


:smiley: Hello McFlow,

After arduous hours searching in google I couldn’t believe it… a New version of Hardware! It’s n# GSDF. I have found it in the page of support of BenQ Italy.

Not yet I have proven its effects completely, then still I am the scared one to break so much cd’s and cd’s and dvd’s when trying to record something but, at least, moving the laptop the dvd unit is not opened single, almost do not read single and pressing correctly (already you know, just in the center) the button to open… correctly it seems that it is opened.

Here I leave link… please tell me that so goes to you… coverall, as far as recording!

[ drivercounter.cfm?dpid=670&id=2081&size=610%20KB&type=B&èzip]( drivercounter.cfm?dpid=670&id=2081&size=610%20KB&type=B&èzip)

Greetings to all!


P.D.: I am so contented!
P.D.: My laptop is a BenQ Jpybook 8100 S01