Need Help With My Lg GSA-4167b

I got problames with my dvd burner it get to 3% and times out and i can’t even burn cds but it work twice and that was it it is bran new so i do not think it could be it has to be somthing on my computer i even replace drive twice and i am at a lost i was reading in some of the other post about nvida and i do have that vid card in my pci express slot could some one help me please

  1. What program are you using.
    If nero please do the following
    Start->Programs->Ahead/Nero->Nero Toolkit->Infotool.
    Save the report by clicking the little disk. Save it to your desktop.
    Open the file on your desktop and highlight it all, copy (aka, Ctrl+A -> Ctrl+C)
    Post a reply to this and type “[” code “]” . Paste it inside the

and end it with “[” /code “]”

This will allow use to see what the problem most likely is.

If you don’t have nero … Please tell us what program you are using, identify the DVD / CD media you are using & report whether your HD’s & DVDwriter are using UDMA mode, or are stuck in PIO mode.
Right click “My computer” ->properties->hardware->Device manager->IDE ATA/Atapi controllers->

Right click Primary IDE channel->Properties->Advanced settings.
Please report whether “transfer mode” is set to “DMA if available” & also the “current transfer mode” for both Device 1 & 0.

Do the same for the Secondary IDE channel.

Thanks :slight_smile: