Need help with my Emprix dvd dual double layer

I brought this Emprix dvd dual double layer, months ago and sence then, all i can do with it is play dvds. The Emprix dvd dual double layer, should play cd roms burn cds roms, burn dvds, but can only play dvd movies. When i insert a blank dvd cd and try to open it it does not detect it, same goes for a normal cd. I really need help on this =/

It’s been a year now lol…and no replys… can anyone help me please…the drive can play dvd cds but cannot burn dvd/cd or play cd:confused:

This forum doesn’t get much traffic, I’m afraid :frowning:

Do you have any software installed that may be messing with the drive, such as Alcohol or Daemon Tools?

Can you boot from your OS CD (or a Linux Live DVD) successfully?

What happens when you try to burn to a CDR or DVD R disc? Do you get any error message? If so, what’s the message?

Odds are you need a new drive. It doesn’t sound like a software issue. Drives aren’t really repairable and new ones that are better are cheap.

What is the model number?

Are you getting a Ultra DMA/32 CRC communication error when trying to burn??

Well, i get no error messages when i try burn CD or DVD the driver itself does not detect the CDS/DVD being inserted. I don’t have any software installed which may mess up the drive and i can assure you that the driver was like this from the day i bought it. But now the warranty is out so i can’t return it.

And thanks for the replys guys. PS- i don’t know the model number.

Model # is on the top of the physical drive on the sticker

jcusimano2 the model number is: [U]DVDRW 1116IM[/U]

Do you have the exact same kind of cable hooking your dvd burner up that you do hooking your hard drive up: meaning do you have an 80 wire cable hooking your dvd burner up to your motherboard?? or just a 40 wire?? (A 40 wire is standard) so if you haven’t changed it then most likely you have a 40 wire. if so then please replace it with an 80 wire cable and try again. These only cost $4.99/free shipping I would at least try this before giving up it is very cheap fix.

Why would changing my IDE cable effect the way the driver is functioning? I have a IDE 40pin. I would give it a try though.

[QUOTE=Scufz;2042283]Why would changing my IDE cable effect the way the driver is functioning? I have a IDE 40pin. I would give it a try though.[/QUOTE]

Well without having to tell you a whole bunch of stories about how this cheap fix has corrected a bunch of problems for me and a lot of computers I have worked on you might as well try the $5.00 fix

Please let me know the outcome

2 I wish I knew your filters after changing the cable will you please install this very safe well known program and then go to “options” “Filter driver load order” and please post your filters. I will do everything to help you if I can & you will let me. :wink:
after you click this let it redirect you and then click on mirror # 7 to download this program is very safe and weell known plus I need to see your filters