Need help with my DVR-110


I installed my new burner today but it produces nothing but coasters! Not funny…

I have re-installed Nero 6 and am using Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 16X media with white ink printable surface (bought from JPLDisplays). Out of 10 disks, nine have failed at various speeds.

I have tried to burn DVD files from hard disk and tried to copy from one burned DVD to another. I got the drive with the 1.22 firmware and it won’t let me flash 1.22 again.

What am I doing wrong???

What’s the sense behind that??

Well, I wasn’t sure which firmware I had to start with. So I downloaded the latest one and tried to flash it which did not work. I then checked Device Manager and found out that I had 1.22 already. So the drive is fresh from the factory :wink:

What is this “DVD High compatibility mode” in Nero for? Could it be the source of my problems?

You have a 110 and the firmware 1.22 available is for the 110D!!

No… There is a 1.22 version on the Pioneer page for the 110 too. I downloaded that one.

You got any other hints?

Where is that? I’ve not seen this yet.


Not sure about it myself. The file is on this page

It lists the DVR-100BK which is exactly the one I have. Anyway, not sure all this matters because it’s not the firmware on the drive and does not directly affect the problem - ie the drive not burning properly :frowning:

No (I believe it ensures a minimum amount of data on very short DVDs).

You shouldn’t concentrate on firmware versions. Try burning YUDEN000 T03 at 8x. Try some other media. Then you will have more information to determine if the problem is with this particular media at 16x or something more general.

This is the firmware for the 110D series, even the “(” is set wrongly in the info table.

DVR-110D series Firmware

Test the media at lower speeds or test with other media.

It seems to work alright at 6X speed, which is the slowest option Nero let’s me select. Still, gotta wonder why I paid premium for 16X media when it only works at 6X :frowning:

I have scanned two of the coasters and uploaded the pic here:

Could someone confirm that these are indeed Taiyo Yuden?? They came on a spindle of 50 whithout any label. Supposed to be TY DVD+R 16X Inkjet printable…

Also tried a TDK 8X DVD+R disk which burned fine at 8X speed. That one doesn’t have the white inkjet surface though.

Yes, that is a genuine Taiyo Yuden disc.

You might have to settle for 12x or 8x burning with this media (which take about one and two minutes longer than 16x, respectively).

Alright, I have tested a number of other brands and this has mostly failed. I consider the DVR-110BK a dawg and would strongly recommend against it - at least until they have fixed the media support with a newer firmware! I am going to return it for a Benq 1640 this afternoon.

Media that has failed at 16/12/8X / Max speed attained

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16X Thermal Printable / 6X max
Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 16X Inkjet Printable / 6X max
Verbatim DVD+R 8X Inkjet Printable / 6X max
TDK DVD+R 8X / 8X (<- this was the fastest burn out of about 40)

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I think that either your drive or the software/config is cracked up somewhere.
Also there are other possibilities:

  • damaged/wrong cable and jumpering
  • weak PSU
  • clashing burning apps
    and last but not least: some faked or bad media

I never had (and never have seen) such problems with these media so far.


No, they are 100% authentic. I tested the same media in the new Benq 1640 and it worked instantly at 16X speed. Burn time 4:53

The PSU has 500W and all cables and jumpers were correctly installed. Again, same PSU and cables with the Benq and it worked right away.

Possible that the factory workers played soccer with my drive during a lunch break, yeah.

edit: I reinstalled Nero after the first couple of disks failed in the Pioneer drive but that didn’t help.

I have some problems with my DVD-110BK to! (Sep. 05 CHINA made)
Very bad error correction by read DVD, and bad burning quality. Pioneer China sucks!
Now I have corrected the current of Laser, and the drive burn so good as may three other DVD-110D (aug. 05 made) with FW 1.22. I think newer devices come very bad out of (China) factory with miss adjustment.
The best one of DVR-110BK: it can’t write correctly to Panasonic/Matsushita 3x DVD-Ram. Anyone (two stand alone Panasonic DMR-E500, and all my DVR-100’s) can read that disk’s error free! With Maxell 3x DVD-Ram work fine at all! My very old LG 4040B have never make any trouble with DVD-RAM!
Remember: I have 4 Pioneers DVR-110, the orders works very fine, two 3 weak old drives reads not so perfect and the 2 day old DVR-110BK is not really usable.
Made in China – Quality made?

I agree, “Made in China” isn’t a good choice.

Cannot say more about it, I’ve an 110 (Made in Japan).

Sounds like the theme problem with Japan made drive!
If you like, open the drive, and remove the upper plate inside the drive. Now you see the laser pickup. The left rotator resistor controls the lasercurrent. To higher the current turn it other clockwise. The best result with my drive, I have rotated that control 20 degree other clockwise. Now it read scratched DVD’s and write (fool wise) perfect 16x Verbatim DVD-R at 16x. Nero’s CD/DVD Speed gives now a very nice glad curve by reading.

nope, having the latest firmware isn’t good, usually it takes the manufacturer a long time till they shift to a newer firmware, which means in fact some one else has probably owned your new dvd burner before when I bought a 109 it came with very old firmware, when i bought the 110 it came with initial firmware as well

What is?
I think you’ve understand it wrong.

Check IDE cable…also DMA settings…I think the DVR-110D requires “hard drive” type IDE cable (ATA66) rather the the older “CD-ROM” type IDE cable (ATA33)…