NEed help with my Driver

okay, First post on this forum…

Im writing here to ask for your help, i have had mylaptop about 3 years now,

when i attempted to run a disk lastnight it wouldnt auto-run, so i went in to my computer and had alook, nothing,

so i went on to the divice manager and next to the disk drive there’s a little yellow balloon, and when i select the drive and click properties it says:

Divice status: Windows can not load the divice driver for this hardware. The driver maybe corrupted or missing. (code 39)

im on windows XP, and would realy apprichiate any help =)

Thanks for reading and sorry if this has been brought up before and my bad spelling.

Please don’t crosspost, it’s against the forum rules you agreed to.

I replied to your identical post here.

I’ll close this thread, but the other one will remain open. :wink: