Need Help with my cheap Lite-On sohw-1633s

i have a lite-on sohw-1633s dvd-rw, but i can’t burn any dvd disk with it, the only disk it can burn on is cd-r and cd-rw. whats going on here is there a firmware i need to dl? i install nero didn’t work, uninstall and reinstall the drive didn’t work. can anyone PLEASE HELP!! :bow: i’m not worthy.

You need to be more specific. Thier are a lot of types of burning that you can do with dvd. Keep in mind that if you are trying to copy a movie etc., a backup copy of a movie you own is ok but piracy is not. If you downloaded off of p2p or torrents, if it is some freeware movie, not something copyrighted (if not you cannot discuss it here).
So to go further, what are you trying to burn to the disk, data, a movie for backup, home movies, and how did you try to do it with nero?
What are you trying to do?

well i was trying to back up some data, mods, pics, programs and musics since the 700mb is not enough so i try to back it up on a dvd-r but it won’t burn. but it will burn on the cd-r. i thought it was the -r so i put in a +r still the dvd disk won’t burn, burn about a few percent then it stop and told me that the disk can not be written, or it will say the there is not disk in the drive. It keep asking me to put in cd-r or cd-rw disk. I also install Nero i did a drag and drop, then press burn- nothing. it will only burn cd-r and cd-rw even thought its a dvd-rw drive.

It seems a media issue. What media do you use? I have a 1633 too, and my drive is a little picky about media.

Just regular, wordpad, Rvmb, avi, mp3 files. the disks i use are Ridata 8x dvd-r, FujiFilm 8x dvd-r, Memorex 8x Dvd+r. But it write cd-r and cd-rw with no problem. i can read those dvd disk but i just can’t burn anything on it.

These media don’t seems the best. Try with a verbatim.

Download the latest official firmware BS0S from here

Do you have an ASPI layer installed? If not use force ASPI and put in 4.6 (I think) Been a long time since I goofed around with my 1633. Someone can correct this if it’s not 4.6 but I believe it is. Also is your drive set to DMA? If your answer is yes to both, then geno is probably right. Try some better quality media like TY or Verbatim. Any Fuji and a lot of TDK that is made in Japan will be TY.