Need help with my cd burner



I hope someone can help me.

I´ve read several posts and replies, and explanations and tried a bunch of stuff to make my CD-RW work, but it didn´t.

Here´s the problem.

I got a Sony cd-rw crx215e1, i bought it a year ago. It worked fine till yesterday. When i tried to copy a cd the burner started to make sounds (like upgrading speed) and then stop, and then again, and then stop, etc. The error message (when I get it, because most of the times the driver just continue doing this and the only way to stop it was to restart my computer) said there was a Power calibration error. I´ve read that this could be due to Firmware problem, aspi problems, etc. But I can´t make it work.

Can someone help me please?. I´ll be most greateful.


You might try using a different brand of media.


that’s my advice too…
sounds really like a media problem…i have had similar things with my ltr-52246s and nero and memorex media or some other type - i can’t remember exactly…
on the other hand, it is of course always advisable to update to the newest firmware version…watch out if there’s one for your drive…
cheers and good luck


AFAIK that message can sometimes signal a dead/dying drive.


Excuse my ignorance, but, by media you mean the software i´m using to burn my cd´s?.

If taht´s the case, i´m using Nero, wich one can you recommend me?

thanx for your concern