Need help with my Benq DW800A

Hello all.
Recently i bought the update from Benq site and updated my Benq DW800A to dual format B3C7 firmware. And now my overall experience with my burner is BAD.
It produces coasters with DVD-R media (Mitsubishi Chemicals 4x and Fujiflim 4x TYG01). This discs are not readable by DW800A and my JLMS XJ-HD166S DVD-ROM. And it freezes my computer with DVD-RW media (Verbatim 1x and 2x).
And after that unsuccessful update my DW800A starts to produce coasters even with DVD+R media (Philips 4x CMC MAG F01). Discs are not readable near the end.
I tried B3A7, B3B7 and B3C7 firmwares. Nothing helps.
With single + format firmware (B2J7) all my burns were perfect with that Philips media and with many other DVD+ brands (TDK,Verbatim etc.)
And now i cannot go back to single format - update program just says:
“This firmware version can not be upgrade !!”.
Can anyone help me this that problem???
I want to go back to single format.

We fixed it with a reversible firmware that took it back to plus only.

there is a reverse firmware on the benq site to bring it back to + only. I also flashed to the dual firmware and didn´t have the problems you described. But i noticed that there´s a bug with all the dual firms: the verifying process in Nero will sometimes fail. This bug was fixed with the last +r firmware, but not dual :frowning: