Need help with Multiple recorders

I just finished a fresh install last night of XP Pro. I also downloaded the new update for Nero.

I tried using the multiple recorders option several times to burn a couple DVDs and it keeps hanging. The Lite-on drive light is blinking and the system is frozen. On my last system with the previous version of Nero I never had any problems at all burning 2 DVDs at once.

Pertinent system info…

Asus P4C800-E DLX 1019 BIOS, 3.2 P4, NEC 3500A, Lite-On 1633, Both burners oon Primary IDE Channel Master/Slave. 2 Hitachi Sata drives in RAID1 (OS), Samsung 160 HDD on Promise controller IDE driver, Smasung IDE drive on 2nd IDE channel slave. Yes DMA is on for all drives.

Anyone have any suggestions?


I should also mention that I just burned a disc with just the single Lite-on and I am getting stuutering and freezing. I know most everyones forst reactio to that statement would be “it’s the media”, however I am using Ritek RichoJPN01 discs that have always worked flawlessly in the past.

I have to think that I am having some kind of problem with drivers but I’m not really sure where to start?

@ Mirage Man
Do you have 80-wire IDE cables for your burners? What is the DMA level for your burners(should be UDMA4 for both)? Is there an error log…if there is, post it with your serial number removed. It may also be helpful to post a nero infotool output.

Save both as a .txt file and attach using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. Or insert either attachment using ‘code’ tags.