Need Help with mps files

[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=Black] :doh: I need help with some files. I recently made a 1:1 backup of a CD and have been unable to burn it. I have decided that I would like to somehow use Alcohol 120% and the AxCmd to create a file that would allow me to use the images as Executables. Is there a way this can be done? It would make things so much easier if someone could help me. Thanks.

I don’t really see the sense behind your idea.

It’s just a question. It just seems like it would be a bit easier to have a script or something that would allow the user to click on a file and have the images auto mount and run…anyway…seeing as I’m quite obviously not as clued up as some, I’ll shut my trap.

^ Perhaps DaemonScript is what you’re looking for. You’ll find it here.