Need help with movies

i have the latest dvdfab… on saw 5 i can watch the previews but then goes blank where the menu should be at… vacancy 2 just doesn’t work at all… have to try again max payne, but last time had trouble with that… but i keep having trouble with saw 5 and vacancy 2…

What version of DvdFab?

Fulldisc or Main Movie?

What’s pathplayer set to?

What type of media are you using (brand, +R or -R)?

What’s your burn speed?

Are you using just DvdFab or other programs to compress and burn?

In addition to what 7thSinger said can you tell us what burn engine you are using: Default VSO, Nero or ImgBurn

Also do you have Path Player set as (Always Enabled) as you will need this setting on all 3 of those movies