Need help with mkisofs

Does anyone uses mkisofs from cdrtool? im trying to create an image from two directories and i want those directories be in the ISO’s root folder, but im getting the contents of those folders in the root.

im using following syntax:

mkisofs -J -r -V lable -o c:	est.iso c:\folder1 c:\folder2

and i want to get on the image:

+ folder1
|  |
|  +- file1
|  +- file2
+ folder2
|  |
|  +- file3
|  +- file4

but im getting

+- file1
+- file2
+- file3
+- file4

what am i missing? thanks!

i figured it out, just needed to use -graft-points option and write source folder like this: folder1/=c:\folder1\ folder2/=e:\folder2\