Need help with mising dll file

Ok when my pc boots up I get an error message that says its missing


How do I get rid of the error message???

About a week ago Nortons come acroos and said there was a threat (adware)
and it sent me through symantec and explaine I needed to manually remove from dir so I did and now I get the message…

Any ideas?Should I have even deleated it or what?


There’s probably some spyware program on your system that loads/needs this DLL upon boot. I guess when you delete the program, the error will be gone as well.

Read here on how to do this.

Good luck!

Download Ad-aware scan system for spyware if that doesnt work try this.
Click Start> Run> type msconfig> go to Startup tab in System Configuration utility> click disable all> check only the boxes which mention your Anti-Virus software> click on Services tab to the left of Startup tab> click Hide all Microsoft services> click disable all> in the box in the middle, check only those boxes which are related to your Anti-Virus software> click Ok> click Exit w/o restarting> download CWShredder (> save it to your desktop; close all browser windows> run CWShredder> click Fix> click Ok> continue with it> restart comp> you will not get the ‘bridge.dll’ error msg
Njoy ‘n’ have fun

If it is caused by Adware loading up, you can try to disable it by going into Start/Run/then typing msconfig. Then go to the startup tab and try to fun what it is trying to load.

Good Luck:)

thanks for help that got it