Need help with memorex 24MAXX 1040




i have a memorex 24MAXX 1040 and recently bought some 870MB blank cd’s.

the problem is that my recorder doesn’t recognise them as 870MB cd’s, but as 703MB cd’s instead.

i use nero burnning rom and went to their homepage and tryed to solve the problem, but it didn’t help. all i learned is that i need the latest firmware for my recorder…
i’m not sure but i think it’s 5wsb firmware, but i can’t find it anywhere.
if someone can help me i would appreciate it.

PS: yet again, i’m not sure if i’m correct… the problem can be anything else, if someone knows how to solve it please help me.



They are always identified as 700mb cds.

Enable CD overburning in Nero and then burn.


i’ve already done that.

i think the problem is the recorder not nero


Check Mmeorex support sites if the burner supports burning oversized CDs or perform an overburning test with Nero CD DVD Speed.


IIRC 24MAXxxx is a OEM Lite-On LTR-24102B
Not sure if 24102B latest firmwares support writing 870MB CD’s but you can try it out by crossflashing with LtnFW (search) and .bin firmware here.

Hope it helps. :wink:


Hehe, Pinto beat me to it :bigsmile:…I had the same Memorex drive (retired now), and it is indeed a rebadged Litey. :iagree:


thank you very much for the help but it still doesn’t work…

can you tell exactly wich firmware should make my recorder recognise 870MB cd’s?.. i mean if it is possible and if it exists.


i really really need this favor

all i need is an answer. please help me!